Bard at the Landing…poetry and music

Bard-Quartet-photo-by-JanosPHOTO CAPTION: Students at The Bard Conservatory of Music will be playing Mozart’s String Quartet in D major, K575, at an upcoming presentation by ClaverackLanding.  The evening, with original poetry by Kate Light, is called Einstein’s Mozart: Two Geniuses – a Bard at the Landing presentation. Pictured here (from left) are Scot Moore – violin, Rosemary Nelis – viola, Reina Murooka – violin and Stanley Moore – cello.  The concert takes place on Saturday, April 13 beginning at 6 pm, at the First Presbyterian Church in Hudson.  Go to for tickets and information.
photo credit: Janos Sutyak

Two Geniuses Celebrated in Poetry and Music

HUDSON – In 1905, Albert Einstein published five papers and introduced his revolutionary Theory of Relativity.  Almost two-hundred and fifty years earlier, Wolfgang Mozart, a genius in his own right, was born in Salzburg, a city in what is now Austria – then part of the Holy Roman Empire.  In 2005, Kate Light, a librettist, lyricist and poet was commissioned by the Colorado Chamber Players to commemorate the close convergence of these two greats.

The result is Einstein’s Mozart: Two Geniuses a combination of music and poetry that is being presented by ClaverackLanding on Saturday, April 13th beginning at 6 pm.  The event takes place at the First Presbyterian Church on the corner of Fourth and Warren Streets in Hudson.  Tickets are $20.00 each and can be obtained on-line at  Two string quartets, made up of students from the Bard Conservatory of Music will be playing works by Mozart.

“This is National Poetry Month,” says ClaverackLanding’s founder, Gwen Gould.  “We wanted to make sure to celebrate poetry in some way as part of our chamber music series.  The opportunity to have Kate Light come and perform her own compositions is a special treat.  Kate played in the Columbia Festival Orchestra for many years, but more recently, has been working extensively on original pieces.  To be able to present this convergence of chamber music by Mozart and Kate’s readings is like offering the best of both worlds.

Scot Moore, a Bard student and violinist, has his own take on the musical selections.  During the first half, the String Quartet in D major, K575 will be played in conjunction with readings in observation with Einstein. “To my  knowledge,” says Moore, ”this isn’t a very progressive piece in terms of melody and tonal development.  In fact, its nickname is The Violet.  But there are clever inner workings and rhythmic integrity, and a devilish cello part (played by Moore’s brother, Stanley).  I equate it with Einstein’s internal thought process.”

Part two, featuring the String Quartet in C Major, K465Dissonance” brings different thinking into play.    Says Moore, ”I think that Mozart was pushing his skills and intellect in order to impress Hayden, his idol.  Since it is Hayden who is attributed with the invention of the string quartet, Mozart wanted to push the boundaries of the new form.  Including a long dissident line is one way of stretching the definition of the string quartet.”  Bard’s Jiazhi Wang- violin, Jiamin Wang – violin, David Toth – viola and Rylan Gajek-Leonard – cello will be playing this piece.

In this original presentation, the two men “meet” through the imaginations of both and through the magic of Mozart’s music. The performance will alternate movements with poetry and readings meant to emphasize the similarities of the two geniuses;  Mozart, with over 600 works created during his brief life and Einstein, named “Person of the Century” in 1999 by Time Magazine.   Light captures the similarities in her poetry and draws upon the emotions captured in the two string quartets to round out the lives of these extraordinary men.  Cho-Liang Lin, Music Director, Summerfest LaJolla described Einstein’s Mozart as an “informed, insightful and heartfelt tribute to two giants of mankind.”

Bard at the Landing: “Einstein’s Mozart: Two Geniuses begins at 6 pm on Saturday, April 13th at the First Presbyterian church in Hudson.  Tickets can be purchased online at and cost $20.00 each.  For more information, go to the website or call 518.828.7513.

Concerts and education programs of ClaverackLanding, great music in great spaces, are supported in part by Herrington’s, Hudson River Bank & Trust Company Foundation, T. Backer Fund, JSL Computer Services, and many generous individuals and business sponsors.