Hello and Thank you!

Photographer-in-Residence Roy Volkmann will be offering his work in signed limited editions to benefit ClaverackLanding.

During the past few days we’ve received great feedback about the wonderful performance by the Reinhold/Jolles Duo, at the TK Gallery on November 5th.  Best of all, we’ve been asked when more exemplary classical music will be available in Hudson!  That’s music to our ears!

As we mentioned at the concert, ClaverackLanding has put together a program for Spring 2012 including Intimate Voices (string quartet), Paula Robison, and Elmar Oliveira. We’re also working on a Master Class for students and a weekend-long seminar with special guests (more to come later).

If you didn’t have a chance to purchase a Season Subscription, please take a few moments now to go online to  Make sure to include the after-concert party option as this will give you an exclusive opportunity to meet the artists “up-close-and-personal.”

In the meantime, we are trying to get all of those who attended this concert on our e-mail list.  If you attended with a friend, can you let us know your e-mail addresses?  And, of course, we’d love to reach all of your friends who are fans of great music.

Thanks again to all of you who attended this season opener and benefit concert.  You are our pioneers, supporting us from the very beginning, and we owe you a special debt of gratitude.  As we grow, it will be your support that has made all the difference.  We’re glad you’re part of the family!

Best wishes,

Gwen Gould, Founder
Claverack Landing

P.S.  It’s the end of the calendar year.  If you can support us with a donation, we would be very grateful.  A check in any amount will be greatly appreciated.  It’s tax-deductible, of course.

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