May 1 at Club Helsinki – Tapestry Vocal Ensemble

ClaverackLanding presents
Sunday, May 1
UPSTAIRS at Club Helsinki Hudson

4:00 pm
(3:30 pre-concert conversation with composer Sheila Silver)

Tickets $20

“haunting vibrations,
old and new”
“well-matched but subtly
non-identical voices”

The voices of TAPESTRY take us from west to east, and past to present, framed by two tales: a medieval Portuguese tale of the miracles of St. Isabel and The White Rooster, a tale of compassion set in modern day Tibet.  Woven between the two tales, a mix of medieval and contemporary songs exploring universal ideas of spirituality.

“Hypnotically beautiful”
“…inexhaustible sensual pleasures”

Tapestry is a women’s vocal quartet whose bold conceptual programming, combining medieval and traditional repertory with contemporary works, has earned them an international reputation.

Diana Brewer, soprano
Cristi Catt, soprano
Laurie Monahan, mezzo soprano
Daniela Tošić, alto
Takaaki Masuko, percussion

Together, the four have credentials that read like a Who’s Who  in 14th century music.   Members of TAPESTRY have co-founded HourGlass, a medieval/world music ensemble, ensemble Project Arts Nova (P.A.N.) specializing in 14th century music, and the medieval vocal trio LiberUnusualis.  How much more immersed in the Crusades, Charlemagne, cathedrals and cloistered monasticism can you get?  Critics hail this award winning ensemble for their rich distinctive voices,  and their emotionally charged performances.

THE WHITE ROOSTER by Sheila Silver

A highlight of TAPESTRY’s ClaverackLanding performance will be THE WHITE ROOSTER by Spencertown composer Sheila Silver, commissioned by the Freer and Sackler Galleries of the Smithsonian, and created specifically for TAPESTRY.  The piece, summed up in the phrase “every act of kindness counts,” uses several Tibetan mantras:

  • A traditional healing mantra
  • A mantra calling on Buddha, Dharma and Sangha for support
  • A mantra calling on Mother Tara to release one from fear and suffering
  • A traditional Tibetan mantra invoking the power and benevolence of chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion

CLICK HERE for more  information and AUDIO EXCERPTS  from THE WHITE ROOSTER

“Only a few composers in any generation enliven the art form with their musical language and herald new directions in music.  Sheila Silver is such a visionary.”  (Watterauer Zeitung, Germany, 2004)

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